Monday, 29 April 2013


Friends; too many names in this generation to call them... I hear; Beshte, rafiki, and in very discomforting slang nowadays 'Mtu Nguyaz'..........
All that just to describe a person who in my view and as I have come to learn:
- I can count on to listen to all my shidaz when they are choking me
- Can MPESA me when I need to be sorted financially ( Tho now we have M-Shwari - thanks to safaricom)
- Is the family I get to choose (hehehe., cool thought)
- Who can buy me lunch when am low on funds,
- And much more who pray for me and also those I can be there for.....

And as the years go, people change, their priorities change, their lives take a different focus.....
Inevitably. we forget, we let go, we find new friends... For me this is a hard pill to swallow

I like my friends, I love who they were, (tho they are no longer the same)
(THIS IS ONE REASON I LOVE JESUS- HE IS THE SAME; JANA, LEO KESHO AND MILELE..... Great comfort for me who takes abit of time to adapt to change)

Back to the topic;
These friends.......
I want them to call and text me as often as the old times,
I want to be able to laugh with them and have random not-so-grown-up moments....

Sadly, this cannot be: I must rid my mind of who they were yesterday and in the past..
Yesterday I could count on them, Today I cannot
Yesterday we would talk for hours on end, Today they talk to other people like that

And it is okay ( i want to believe and absorb that)

Truth is: It kind of saddens me (ok, it at times causes a few tears) but
I look around,
I have also changed,
I have new, closer friends- VERY DEAR TO ME

In my heart also are memory stores,
With shelves full of great moments
(most of which I wish could last longer)
But the good thing about this city of ours
and the slang that bonds us together is

One day I could walk down the street and meet you (an old friend) and
are words that will flow freely as we go quickly down the memory lane.....

-Live Light-


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